Self-Transcendence Ultra Classic: 6, 12 & 24 Hour Races

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                                         Km        Miles

M  1    Brian Lauzon               51   61.448    38.182
M  2    Nigel Jarrett              29   56.278    34.969
M  3    Michel Gouin               51   53.777    33.416
M  4    Paul St-Martin             68   53.176    33.042
M  5    Alexandre Tremblay-Boucher 21   49.616    30.830
M  6    Espoir Manirambona         21   42.098    26.158
M  7    Wally Herman               85   35.299    21.934
M  8    Eric Dugal                 37   32.461    20.171


F  1    Manon Jacob                47   56.003    34.799
F  2    Cynthia Laforty            50   50.467    31.359
F  3    Melinda Matte              23   49.617    30.831
F  4    Dirty Di Chesla            43   48.609    30.204


                               Km          Miles
1      Girls of Stiel         48.880      30.373
2      Maier Team             44.984      27.952


                                                       Km        Miles

M         1    Jack Kilislian          41   105.458   65.529
M         2    Andre April            49   100.974   62.742
M         3    Andrew Heij             30   100.196   62.259
M         4    David Foscarini         54   91.423    56.808
M         5    Perry Gray              52   87.358    54.282
M         6    Donald Landry           66   85.759    53.288
M         7    Moe Bsat                25   85.361    53.041
M         8    Martin Choquet          40   81.522    50.655
M         9    Dominique Delaire       39   71.460    44.403
M         10   Sanatan Curchack        62   64.421    40.030
M         11   Mitch White             49   62.564    38.876
M         12   Peter Lariviere         46   23.600    14.664


F         1    Josee Tremblay          30   90.190    56.042
F         2    Marion Landry           67   67.757    42.102


                                             Km        Miles

M         1    Jeff Ashizawa           46   190.845   118.586
M         2    Ken Moon                45   184.175   114.441
M         3    Arpan DeAngelo          59   175.553   109.084
M         4    Patrick Campbell        51   170.736   106.091
M         5    Charles Smith           51   169.078   105.060
M         6    Jeff Cooper             56   166.000   103.148
M         7    Jim Morrison            52   156.872   97.476
M         8    Ben Kruser              57   150.403   93.456
M         9    Greg Kolodziejzyk       50   146.819   91.229
M         10   Rolly Portelance        68   146.007   90.725
M         11   Bryan Slighte           59   141.528   87.941
M         12   Hans Maier              72   136.881   85.054
M         13   Roger Martel            55   130.950   81.369
M         14   Cameron Lutley          34   126.627   78.682
M         15   Joe Cleary              71   126.262   78.455
M         16   Charlie Upshall         66   121.373   75.418
M         17   Eric Bellavance         40   112.000   69.594
M         18   George Biondic          59   102.800   63.877
M         19   Todd Mickolwin          43   102.400   63.628
M         20   Paul Smith              66   100.800   62.634
M         21   Ron Gehl                64   100.400   62.386
M         22   Guy Gilbert             49   92.000    57.166
M         23   Scott Gallagher         45   66.400    41.259
M         24   Marius Lacasse          51   50.400    31.317


F         1    Marylou Corino          33   183.610   114.090
F         2    Maryka Hladki           37   162.410   100.917
F         3    Lisa Van Wolde          37   143.618   89.240
F         4    Sandi Stiel             48   127.200   79.038
F         5    Laurie McGrath          43   114.800   71.333
F         6    Boijayanti Gomez-Badillo28   94.531    58.739


Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
Self-Transcendence 6, 12 & 24 Hour Race
September 24th, 2011 ~ Ottawa

Celebrating its 30th running on September 24th, 2011 in Ottawa, the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Self-Transcendence Race saw Jeff Ashizawa, 46, from Waterloo and Marylou Corino, 33, from Georgetown—newcomers to this event—take home top awards for highest mileage.  Jeff completed 190.845 km and Marylou completed 183.610 km during this indoor ultra-race held at the Louis Riel Dome.

	                        KMS    MILES

	M         1    Jeff Ashizawa           46   190.845   118.586

	M         2    Ken Moon                45   184.175   114.441

	F         1    Marylou Corino          33   183.610   114.090

	M         3    Arpan DeAngelo          59   175.553   109.084

	M         4    Patrick Campbell        51   170.736   106.091

	F         2    Maryka Hladki           37   162.410   100.917

	M         5    Charles Smith           51   169.078   105.060

	M         6    Jeff Cooper             56   166.000   103.148

	M         7    Jim Morrison            52   156.872    97.476

	M         8    Ben Kruser              57   150.403    93.456

	F         3    Lisa Van Wolde          37   143.618    89.240

	M         9    Greg Kolodziejzyk       50   146.819    91.229

	M         10   Rolly Portelance        68   146.007    90.725

	M         11   Bryan Slighte           59   141.528    87.941

	M         12   Hans Maier              72   136.881    85.054

	M         13   Roger Martel            55   130.950    81.369

	F         4    Sandi Stiel             48   127.200    79.038

	M         14   Cameron Lutley          34   126.627    78.682

	M         15   Joe Cleary              71   126.262    78.455

	M         16   Charlie Upshall         66   121.373    75.418

	F         5    Laurie McGrath          43   114.800    71.333

	M         17   Eric Bellavance         40   112.000    69.594

	M         18   George Biondic          59   102.800    63.877

	M         19   Todd Mickolwin          43   102.400    63.628

	M         20   Paul Smith              66   100.800    62.634

	M         21   Ron Gehl                64   100.400    62.386

	F         6    Boijayanti Gomez-Badillo28   94.531     58.739

	M         22   Guy Gilbert             49   92.000     57.166

	M         23   Scott Gallagher         45   66.400     41.259

	M         24   Marius Lacasse          51   50.400     31.317

Another newcomer, Arpan DeAngelo of New York City, came 4th overall and first in his age category.  Arpan has an impressive running career that includes the Self-Transcendence 3100-Mile race, 300 marathons and 100 ultras.  He has also circled the USA seven times with the World Harmony Run.

Paul Smith, 68, from Dieppe NB, completed his 27th running of this event. Paul holds a Canadian record for consecutively completing ten Self-Transcendence 24 hour races averaging more than 100 miles per race.

At the age of 72, Hans Maier from Stouffville has run this 24-Hour race 19 times and has the distinction of completing the historic Panama Island Run three times.

Rolly Portelance, 68,  has run 30 marathons and this year’s race marked his 184th ultra.  He has averaged over 100 miles in 83 of these ultra races.  

24 hour races are a breeze for Joe Cleary, 71, who has run 475 marathons and ultra races on 7 continents, in every U.S. state, Canadian province and territory.  He is also a multi-day racer having completed the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Six Day Race in New York City on a number of occasions.

Sandi Stiel completed a remarkable 127 km despite a car accident 2 months earlier. This year her daughters formed the 6-hour relay team Girls of Stiel and with a 48 km win from these youngsters, much is expected in the future!  

At the same time 6 year-old Jocelyn Stiel was running, 85 year-old Wally Herman was racking up mileage in the 12-hour race.  He has completed more than 750 marathons and ultras throughout his running career and is still going strong.

The founder of this event, Sri Chinmoy, emphasized the philosophy of self-transcendence as a competition against oneself, striving constantly for goals and new  challenges.  In that spirit, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team would like to offer a hearty round of applause to all participants in this year’s 6, 12 and 24-Hour Race.  
From youngest to oldest, newcomers and seasoned participants, you are all treasured friends.  Thank you for the inspiration!


24 Hour

12 Hour

6 Hour

6 Hour Team Relay


Post - Event Summary

Story by Arpan

30th Annual: 24 Hour Race

2nd Annual: 12 Hour Race

3rd Annual: 6 Hour Race

2nd Annual: 6 Hour Relay Race

  • 2011 Ontario Ultra Series Official Event

  • IAU Bronze Certification
    Masters Championship 


Entry deadline Midnight on Wednesday 21 September

Register online


Download & mail registration form


Louis Riel Dome
1659 Bearbrook Road, Ottawa


24 Hour Race starts at 8:00 a.m.
12 Hour Race starts at 8:00 a.m.
6 Hour Race starts at 10:00 a.m.




A certified 400 metre world class indoor tartan track

AGE CATEGORIES/AWARDS 18 yrs & over only 

6 Hour - womens/mens overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd
12 Hour - womens/mens overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd
24 Hour - womens/mens overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • CMAA 24 Hour Awards to First 3 women/men in age categories: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 & 80+ (Note that if not a CMAA member, a runner may pay a $5 Race Day Membership Fee to qualify.  See registration form.)
  • Michel Careau Trophy to the best 24 Hour performance for a first time runner - female or male  (Please check off “first time running this event” on the Registration Form.)
  • Sy Mah Award for the 24 Hour runner who completes
    100 miles or more and whose first and second 50 mile splits are closest 


  • Personalized counting - counters record each runner’s laps
  • Time splits recorded for 50 km/miles and 100 km/miles
  • Medical support & massage available throughout the entire race
  • Race food includes a wide variety of hot & cold vegetarian food & snacks
  • Aid stations include a great selection of drinks, plus electrolytes
  • Full information kit mailed to each registrant
  • Washrooms and shower facilities trackside
  • Camping available trackside


Available to all participants:
Pre-race dinner offered at race site 5-7 p.m. on Friday 23 September.
Post-race breakfast prior to awards ceremony.
Guests & family:
The pre/post race meals are available for $5 person.

The race day hot & cold food is available for $20 person.


Entry deadline midnight on Wednesday 21 September
Includes souvenir Race T-shirt

24 Hour:  $150  register by September 9, 2011
                $170  register between September 10 - 23, 2011

12 Hour:  $90  register by September 9, 2011
                $110  register between September 10 - 23, 2011

6 Hour:    $60  register by September 9, 2011
                $75  register between September 10 - 23, 2011



  • Available during pre-race dinner (Louis Riel Dome)
    Friday 23 September between 5:00 pm. - 7:00 pm. 
  • Available race morning between 6:45 am - 7:30 am.

About the author:

Medur is our go-to person for many of the essential tasks involved in putting on our races: race setup, our lap counting system and our website. An enthusiastic runner himself, he has participated in many editions of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Canada and the US.

Personal Report on the Ottawa International Self-Transcendence 24-Hour Race

By Arpan DeAngelo

Surfing the Universe in 24 Hours
Seeing over 50 people running around a 400 metre track indoors for 6 or 12 or 24 hours straight, some with little or no rest, most people may think perhaps they have stumbled upon an asylum for the mentally challenged. Even ‘normal’ runners who may jog for fitness or even race up to a marathon distance of 26.2 miles, may think that this ultra-long event on a standard track indoors is too extreme and find it difficult to grasp.

But there we were, 56 people in all, running and walking up to 24 hours for hundreds of laps, over and over and over. I was one of them and I must say it was quite an uplifting, albeit tiring, experience. Instead of trying to explain in detail what happened from a subjective or even objective point of view which you can find on this website:  , I will offer a different perspective of this type of race experience which almost anyone can relate to, even if they cannot run a mile.

We all have seen surfers in real life, in videos or even in photos challenging the power of the ocean waves, not by fighting them but by trying to develop a oneness with them as they ride along with them on their powerful natural currents. Ocean waves have been undulating with the tides, the winds and the lunar forces over and over again for billions of years in stunningly regular fashion. You do not even have to be a surfer to understand this. But those who actually surf the waves have a much deeper and more personal experience of this phenomena by entering into that reality on a more physical and deeply personal level.

Most of us can also look up into the sky and see the sun or the moon or the stars and other heavenly objects that we have no control over but inspire us immensely. They are all part of our natural Universe which we unavoidably inherited as we ourselves became part and parcel of this same amazing Creation. We also cannot deny the fact that there are Universal forces and principles which guide all these objects that we see and that we are part of, such as the Earth, the other planets, moons, etc. We ourselves are undeniably part of this most unique planet Earth which has been revolving around our own special star, the Sun, for billions of years. We can also enjoy the light and beauty of our own unique moon which has been doing laps around the Earth for billions of years as well.

We sometimes take this all for granted as we see that the entire solar system as we know it as well as other aspects of this vast Universe just spinning around and around. Even on the minutest microcosmic level the electrons are spinning around the neutrons to form the atom, one of our main physical building blocks and sources of energy. If we can be more conscious of this type of unique experience of Universal principles and take part on a deeper personal and physical level just as the surfer enters in the Ocean to ride the waves and experience their power and energy, then we can expand our own oneness with this incredible Universe in ways which cannot be explained adequately in words.

So what does all this have to do with the 24 race in Ottawa? I think most people can see where this leads because that is where it led me many years ago as I started doing very long loop runs and races. Instead of fighting the experience by feeling bored or impatient to get to the end of the race, one must try to feel a oneness with the experience of going around and around just as the rest of the Universe we live in is doing and has been doing without question for aeons.

This is the system we inherited and no logic or emotional approaches can try to explain it. If we just go with the flow, which may be easier said than done, then we can enjoy the ride on the top of the wave and not be destroyed by it if we try to resist it. When one runs these type of very long races around and around it is best to turn off the logical mind which calculates time and space and just meditate on the deeper nature of the experience itself.

When I would at times fall into that mental resistance of thinking how much time is left or how far I have gone or have to go still, I would immediately try to stop my mind through various meditation techniques as I ran or walked. That would immediately allow me to enjoy each and every lap as an important and meaningful experience in itself. It is a way to enter into the moment, the ‘here and now’, as we sometimes hear the enlightened ones talk about.

So although this may just seem to some people like another super-long running race with a bunch of eccentric people with nothing better to do than to run in circles like an experimental lab animal, it can be an opportunity to experience life in this rotating Universe on a very deep and meaningful personal level. If we can run with the proper attitude and approach, it will not matter how far you have or have not gone, nor whether you came in first or last. Anyone who enters that universal energy field and tries to ‘go with the flow’, as they say, can have a uniquely uplifting experience even as the body and mind may struggle to endure the whole distance or time limit.

If you want to see who ran and how we all finished in relative comparison to each other, then please visit this page from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Races, . But if you want to know what the experience was like on a more personal level and try to understand it more fully, then get on some good running or walking shoes and start training for next year’s race. Or if you do not like running or cannot run then perhaps you can rent or buy a surf board and get out on the waves as you try to expand your oneness with this incredibly powerful and energetic physical Universe.

WARNING: Please learn how to turn off the analytical, logical physical mind while attempting these long events or else it will become much more difficult for you and less enjoyable. After all, if the earth or the moon had to logically consider how many billions of years they have been going around and around and around then they too might just freak out and stop.