Sri Chinmoy Ultras 2021

We are pleased to organize a virtual race this year

About the event

The 2021 Sri Chinmoy Ultras will be conducted virtually this year due to the public health concerns surrounding Covid-19. We encourage runners to paricipate in this year's race by registering online.

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2020 was the 39th Annual 24 Hour Race, the 11th Annual 12 Hour Race, 12th Annual 6 Hour Race and the 5th Annual 50k, 50m, 100k and 100mi


6/12/24 Hour, 50k, 50mi, 100k,100mi

Start time

  • 8AM 24H 50m 100k 100m
  • 9AM 12H
  • 10AM 6Hour


Utsahi St-Amand


  • ACU
  • IAU
  • OUTRace


2020 Virtual race results

Runners who reported on their virtual race. Report presented in the language it was sent to us.

1. My name is Brendan Bailey. I’m 37 years old I’m male. I did the 50k; It took me 7:05:15!!! I’m from Marmora, ON and ran from Norwood to Marmora. It was incredibly hot as I ran Sunday starting 1145 AM. It was truly a struggle (my slowest 50k by 1.5hrs on a flat course). I lay down in the Crowe River for a while, which was amazing and I would not have made it without that beautiful water! Thanks and all the best.

2. Julien Larochelle 47 ans homme 93.45 km parcourus. Début 8h am samedi le 25 juillet fin 26 juillet  5h30 am 

Ran with:

3. Étienne Renaud homme 47 ans 93.45 parcourus début 8h am 25 juillet fin 26 5h30 am. La course à eu lieu à St-Étienne de Lauzon

Anecdotes: c'était la troisième année consécutive que nous faisons une course ensemble. Nous sommes amis depuis plus de 30ans nous avons fait la course ensemble côté à côté à parler de tout et de rien. Merci beaucoup je souhaite ardemment être de la quarantième édition l'an prochain. 

Julien Larochelle

5. Lydia Ouellette 43 ans, Gatineau, couru à Asticou
J'ai couru de 17h à 20h
30km 3:10:18H 

Bonjour l'équipe de Sri Chinmoy!

Comment se passe votre été dans la canicule? Je voulais juste vous faire parvenir les infos de ma course de samedi soir à Asticou. Je peux vous dire que c'était pas mal tranquille et que je m'ennuyais de votre joyeuse troupe, de ma marqueuse favorite et des bons petits plats cuisinés. Bref, c'est en pensant à vous tous, me remémorant les beaux souvenirs et rêver aux prochains que j'ai fais quelques tours. J'ai fait 30km. J'aurais pu en faire plus, mais toute seule c'était tellement démotivant... Dans la journée j'avais travaillé. (Je suis Technicienne en EEG au CHEO. ] Comme je travaillais également le dimanche, je devais préserver un peu de mon énergie. Alors je n'ai pas rien de particulier à raconter. Mon but c'était de participer, passer un moment à me souvenir de ma belle expérience de l'an passer en attendant la prochaine vrai course.
Merci à vous autres,

Lydia Ouellette 

6. Julian Lopez

I’m sending you my final result for the race of this weekend. I tried to do the 12 hours, but I realized I was not well prepared for that one; it was too hard. I ended up doing only 6 hours. The final distance was 54,25 k. 

Thanks so much for your awesome job!

Who We Are

Sri Chinmoy Ultras Ottawa

Sri Chinmoy ( founded the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in 1977 as a service to the running community and to help promote spiritual growth through sports. In 1980, one Ottawa runner was invited to participate in the first 24 Hour Race organized by the New York Marathon Team. Six runners were registered, three men and three women. After the Race, Sri Chinmoy asked him to start such a Race in Ottawa. In 1981, the Ottawa Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race began. This Ultramarathon Race, organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, has been going on every year since. It is the longest-running 24 Hour Race and oldest timed Ultra Race worldwide. On several occasions, it has hosted the Canadian National 24 Hour Championship. 

Since 2009, it has included a 6 Hour and a 12 Hour Race as part of the Event now called Sri Chinmoy Ultras Ottawa.

The Race has been held on various 400 meter Tracks in Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa.  Since 2017, it is presented at the Asticou Centre in Gatineau, Quebec, on a 1.8 km Loop.

The Race is part of the ACU (Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners) Series as well as the OUTRace (Ontario Ultra and Trail Race Series) and is IAU Bronze Certified.

For the past 35+ years, the oldest timed Ultra Race worldwide has witnessed many amazing performances. These include Sy Mah, Michel Careau and Hans Maier, three ultra-distance runners, who have given permanent Trophies to the Race for various outstanding performances.

The male Course Record of 242.919 km is held by Peter Holubar (1990) and the female Course Record of 214.487 km is held by Jamie Donaldson (2009). 

International Runners

The 24-Hour Race has witnessed amazing performances from renowned international ultra runners like Yiannis Kouros (2009) and Jamie Donaldson (2009) 214.487 km.[2][3]  Dipali Cunningham (Australia) set two Canadian Open Records by a non-Canadian for Women 50-55 for the 24 Hour (190.075 km) and the 12 Hour (110 km). Jon Olsen ran 100 miles (2013) in 11:59.28, setting a new American 100 mile Track Record and a new North American Record.

Canadian Runners

Amongst the 600+ runners who have registered for this Race many have impressive Records, including exemplary Jess Heroux, who completed 537 marathons and ultras since he started at age 45 after a major stroke; legendary Wally Herman, who retired at age 91 after forty years and more than 730 races in 99 countries (; Paul Smith who ran the Ottawa 24 Hour Race 28 times; Joe Cleary; Kimberley Van Delst and hundreds of others.

Amongst the family endeavours, we note: Ronald Gehl, a 25 time runner and family members Julie and Terry Gehl along with Laurie and Theresa McGrath; Hans Maier, now 80+ with 25 registrations for this Race along with his two grandsons. Erlinda Biondic 77, who started her interest in running by assisting her husband, took over the ultra distance flag in 2015 and established three IAU Records (see attached photo).

In the early years of the "running boom", Events like this established standards and levels of service to participants that have now become commonplace in the ultra-running community: regular drink stations, healthy food both during and post-race, as well as prizes to all age groups. Inspired by visionary Sri Chinmoy, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team with more than 500 races annually, has set the stage for ultra distance running for the past forty years.




ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight on Wednesday, 22 July 2020

RACE KIT PICK-UP: July 25th at the following times:

  • 24 Hour, 50k, 50mi, 100k, 100mi Races: 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
  • 12 Hour Race: 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
  • 6 Hour Race: 6:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. 



24 Hour, 50k, 50mi, 100k, 100mi Races start at 8:00 a.m. July 25, 2020
12 Hour Race start at 9:00 a.m. July 25, 2020
6 Hour Race start at 10:00 a.m. July 25, 2020

ENTRY FEES -- must be at least 18yrs old

24 Hour, 100mi: $160 CDN on or before July 8th ; $180 CDN between July 9th to July 22nd. Fee includes Food and T-shirt. Cheques payable to: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

100k: $120 CDN on or before July 8th; $140 CDN between July 9th to July 22nd. Fee includes Food and T-shirt. Cheques payable to: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team 

12 Hour, 50mi: $100 CDN on or before July 8th; $120 CDN between July 9th to July 22nd. Fee includes Food and T-shirt. Cheques payable to: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

6 Hour, 50k: $70 CDN on or before July 8th; $90 CDN between July 9th to July 22nd. Fee includes Food and T-shirt. Cheques payable to: Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team 


6 Hour - women/men overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd

12 Hour - women/men overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd

24 Hour - women/men overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd

50 km, 50 mi, 100 km, 100 mi - women/men overall 1st

Hans Maier Trophy awarded to the runner in the 24 Hour Race that fellow runners, Volunteers and Race Organizers vote as the most inspiring.

Michel Careau Michel Careau Trophies awarded to a first time female and male runner of a 24 Hour Race. 

Sy Mah awarded to the participant with the most consistent 50 mile and 100 mile splits.


$20 per guest for the 24 Hour Race including the post-race breakfast; $10 per guest for the 12 Hour Race including post-race meal; $5 for the post-race meals only; and $10 for all other races for food throughout the entire race. Guests will be given Proof of Payment cards.  Number of guests can be entered on the Registration Form and payment may be included with Entry Fee or paid on race day.



The following are suggested directions to Asticou from downtown Ottawa:

Directions 1: using Lac-des-Fees

Directions 2: using Blvd. des Allumettieres

Results by decades

Results from 1981-2017